Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland

Gateway is a part of the Vineyard movement of churches which was originally founded by John Wimber in America during the 1970s as part of what would be described as the Charismatic Movement.

Vineyard churches quickly spread throughout the US and over the years started to spread across the world including into the UK and Europe.  Our worship songs have had a strong influence and been sung in churches around the world for many years.

Today there are over 1500 vineyard churches around the world and over 100 vineyard churches in the UK and Ireland.

The movement bases it’s beliefs firmly on what the Bible teaches, and attempts to stay in what is called The Radical Middle – which is the balance between passionate worship and strong Bible teaching as well as between a strong love for God as well as showing compassion for people.

Our belief and worship style is based on the belief that we can not only talk and sing about God, but have a personal “intimate” relationship with Him and talk directly to him.  That we can both passionately celebrate all that Jesus has done for us as well as rest quietly in His presence.

Vineyard is a global movement of churches